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Just in Time Access for everyone…

Reduce your risk, achieve compliance and prevent cyber events with Next Level3 seamless MFA and Cyber Policy solutions.

The future of MFA

The faster the world starts to fundamentally address the most pressing cyber threats and moves towards a more resilient, advanced cybersecurity tech stack, the better.

The Next Level3 seamless MFA solution extends your existing authentication capabilities providing Just In Time access for all accounts in your applications.

Quick and Easy Integration

Utilize Next Level3’s prebuilt integrations to quickly and easily introduce seamless MFA for all your users.

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NL3 solves today’s top cybersecurity threats

Attackers are constantly finding new and faster ways to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and software. As businesses collect and store more data than ever before, keeping up with the pace of cybersecurity incidents is becoming insurmountable.

Cybersecurity Icon Ransomware

accounts for ~22% of cyber breaches

Define Cyber Policies to lock down accounts before malware attacks like ransomware become effective.

Cybersecurity Icon Social-Engineering-Phishing

accounts for ~20% of cyber breaches

Automatic locking in Next Level3 prevents use of compromised credentials and keys in business email compromise and phishing attacks.

Cybersecurity Icon Group-Policy-Management

Exploited vulnerabilities
accounts for ~15% of cyber breaches

Use scheduled and multi-approval Cyber Policies to add an extra level of oversight to authentication systems increase traceability.

Cybersecurity Icon-Communication

Man-in-the-middle attacks
accounts for ~35% of cyber breaches

Automatic locking, push-based unlocking, and Cyber Policies provide effective prevention against a number of MITM attacks.


Next Level3 Cyber Policies

Bring your internal policy management and user access into this century

Next Level3’s Cyber Policies enable you to control access to accounts throughout your system regardless of your IDP. Using Cyber Policies you can implement a variety of account control scenarios to secure access to sensitive data, environments and applications. Define policies to perform automatic locking, multi-approval unlocking, alert locking, scheduled locking, geo-location based locking and more. 

Automatically prevent difficult-to-detect attacks and to deepen account protection when you need it most:

  • Business email compromise & phishing prevention
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Access oversight & fraud protection

Wanna learn more about how Next Level3 Cyber Policies can be applied to common cybersecurity threats? 

Next Level3 Partner Network

The Next Level3 Partner Network is improving how security is done.


From CISOs to security directors,  user feedback is paramount to designing a solution that works for everyone on the front lines to reduce risk in cybersecurity.

The Next Level3 app provides real peace of mind. I can determine when my important credentials are locked or unlocked. If you care about security like me, you want this next level of protection.

David Hazar
Security consultant, SANS instructor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Adding Next Level3 to your authentication stack provides next gen security services that protect your employees and end users. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions below to learn more about NL3 Account Protection and how locking services help.

Website owners use our Account Protection check to see if your credentials are locked or not before moving forward. If locked, the login process stops immediately, preventing bad actors from gaining unauthorized access.

Actually, the NL3 locking solution is an extension to MFA. We work directly with businesses to add an extra layer of security to their existing MFA login process to achieve next level protection.

Websites with NextLevel3 protection check NL3 to see if your credentials are locked or not. If locked, the authentication process stops immediately, preventing bad actors from using locked credentials.

Three-factor authentication (3FA) is an extension to 2FA and add’s a third identify confirmation credential to the authentication process.

Multifactor authentication  dramatically improves security for all organizations regardless if you are using passwords, passkeys or other forms of authentication. 3FA increases the level of security reducing the risk that an attacker could fake or steal all three required credentials required in 3FA.

NL3’s 3FA requires the following Authentication factors:

  • Something the user knows – In our case we use a combination of the username for their account & the knowledge of whether or not they are currently authenticating to the site listed in the approval action to unlock the account
  • Something the user has – NL3 requires a FIDO2 compliant device to be registered with us prior to authentication. 
  • Something the user inherently is – This factor includes any biological traits the user has that are confirmed for log in. This includes any FIDO2 compliant biometrics such as retina scansiris scans, fingerprint scans, or facial recognition.

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