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        • Self Service Secure Passwordless Authentication

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        • PAM
        • Simplified Privileged Access Management for the cloud and onPrem

        • JIT Approvals
        • Secure Custom Non Repudiation Approvals Management

        • Healthcare
        • Learn how to completely secure the Healthcare environment.

        • Legacy Devices
        • Learn how to leverage our JIT platform to secure your legacy and IOT devices.

        • Vulnerability Mitigation
        • Discover how using JIT Access and PAM can prevent a variety of CVE’s and attacks.

        • Compliance
        • Learn more about how our audit and compliance tools can help you maintain compliance.

        • Passwordless
        • Going passwordless doesn’t have to be hard. Find out how we can get you up and running fast.

        • Protecting Users with Intent
        • Upgrade your security, reduce costs and empower your users by capturing intent.

Product Team Solution

Enhanced cybersecurity authentication solutions for product teams

Next Level Account Protection is the perfect solution for product teams that want a reliable way to increase security for the end-user without compromising the user experience.

Whatever your product is, you want to focus on making it valuable for your users — not on constantly updating and implementing new security patches. Next Level3 can help lighten your burden and protect your users.

Avoid password vulnerabilities

Average users want convenience over security. Most people are not considering how easily exposed their information is and how often passwords are hacked or stolen. That’s where the seamless MFA biometric security comes into play:

  • One less password to worry about
  • Not as reliant on password strength
  • Reduces the need for frequent password changes

If a threat actor tries a password stuffing attack, they won’t be able to access privileged accounts because Next Level3 protects against login without the credentialed user’s identity verification on a FIDO-compliant device.

Users who reuse the same passwords or choose weak passwords can count on an added layer of protection without stressing about constant password changes or password complexity requirements.

No more session vulnerabilities

Many applications allow user sessions to remain logged in for up to 30 days. This creates a large vulnerability for devices and systems to be commandeered by attackers.

  • Automatically lock access on logout
  • Eliminate extended session vulnerabilities
  • No added steps for the end-user

If a user doesn’t intentionally log out or lock their account using the Next Level3 app, they’re still protected because Next Level Account Protection does it automatically.

Accidental, continued sessions don’t happen, drastically reducing the possibility for a threat actor to gain access to a user’s application or device.

Prevent MFA bypass

Even the most cutting-edge MFA is being bypassed by savvy attackers. Biometrics can be tricked or skirted, and MFA bombing takes advantage of user fatigue.

  • Plug holes in enterprise security solutions
  • Use FIDO-compliant identity verification before MFA
  • Lock account access on an admin level

Even with fingerprint or retina scanning and facial or voice recognition, attackers are able to completely bypass authentication systems. The Next Level3 app used on a FIDO-compliant device adds a verification check and keeps credential access locked before those authentication methods are even enabled.

Social engineering attacks like MFA bombing are also reduced when accounts are locked on an admin level.

Protect against phishing and smishing attacks

Other types of social engineering attacks like enticing users to open malicious links in phishing and smishing interceptions are some of the most common types of security breaches.

Fortify against these with Next Level Account Protection and:

  • Allow users to lock their accounts
  • Prevent session interceptions
  • Deepen security reducing user vulnerabilities

Push notifications from the Next Level3 app on the end user’s FIDO-compliant device verifies login intent before a login attempt can even be made. If a user clicks a phishing link but doesn’t receive a Next Level3 confirmation of login intent, they won’t be able to complete the login.

Seamless MFA locking solutions for product teams streamline security implementations and monitoring, maintenance, and user experience. Keep your users protected and safe with an extra layer of security.

The future of seamless MFA cybersecurity starts here. Let's Talk.

We can empower your SaaS product users with the ability to lock and unlock credential access. When you’re ready – let’s talk.

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