Privileged Access Management

Lightweight PAM without the cost.

Reduced Cost to implement

Next Level3 Cloud Identity Multi Approval cyber policies provide advanced security features, specifically passwordless multi-factor authentication (PAMfa), that protect privileged credentials from unauthorized access, misuse, and theft.

Two Man Rule

Next Level3 Multi Approval Cyber Policies put in place rules which require more than one user to approve access prior to an account being available. This eliminates exposure of highly sensitive accounts by a single actor.

Secure Audit History

All authentication and policy activity have built-in audit and reporting features that provide organizations with visibility into privileged access activity. Administrators can easily track access and usage and analyze history to help identify and resolve potential issues before they lead to policy violations.

Privileged Control

Next Level3 Cloud Identity Cyber policies and Passwordless MFA (PAMfa) provides granular control over privileged access, which is a crucial factor in managing privileged access. Administrators can control which users have access to specific resources and for how long, limiting the risk of unauthorized access.

Secure Access

Next Level3 Cloud Identity product addresses the leading attack vector for security breaches through an inside attack or by using compromised credentials.

Reduced Administration

Next Level3 Cloud Identity Multi Approval cyber policies offer automated and centralized privileged access management, reducing the need for manual processes that can be time-consuming and error-prone. This feature saves administrators significant amounts of time, which they can allocate to other tasks.

Reduce Costs

PAMfa, Next Level3 Cyber Policies and passwordless MFA, provide organizations with a more cost-effective solution for privileged access management. It reduces the need for multiple tools and solutions and provide a single, unified platform to meet your privileged access management needs.

Improve User Experience

Get a streamlined and better user experience and improve efficiency of your end users by adopting our passwordless authentication.

broker mandated

MFA & PAM Compliance in one

MFA authentication and deployment of a PAM solution are mandated protections required by the majority of brokers today. Next Level3 Cloud Identity solution solves both at a fraction of the cost and time required for other solutions.

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