On-demand lock and unlock for credentials

With NextLevel3, it only takes a tap for consumers and employees to lock and unlock accounts.

simple & elegant user experience

One tap to lock & unlock

It couldn’t be easier to protect your accounts. Our patented security applications are designed to enable single action (tap or click) locking and unlocking, either for individual accounts or all accounts. While locked, account access is protected against threats.

Mobile first

Secure mobile protection

Our native iOS and Android mobile apps make controlling your account credentials highly flexible. Simply open the application and access your account list and locking feature. Our mobile app is designed with speed and security in mind, so FaceID and other biometric features are enabled by default.

powerful Web portal

Access control + reports

Our web portal provides full access control capabilities to lock and unlock accounts plus our Security Dashboard that shows a detailed history of recent login attempts. From the web, you can manage your NL3 account, manage credentials whenever a new businesses add NL3 protection, and see your critical login alerts.


Flexible & Easy Integration

Next Level3 includes easy integrations options such apps using Auth0. This integration will allow you to easily add Account Protection to any application the leverages Auth0 for authentication. Don’t use Auth0? No problem! We have custom code snippets that can be added to any custom application.

Protection for many accounts, simplified into one app

With Next Level3 you can have an unprecedented level of protection for your critical accounts.  Just lock accounts using the NL3 mobile app for the provide peace of mind that your data is better protected.

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