Passwordless Authentication

Can your organization afford to wait any longer?

50 years is long enough

Traditional authentication has utilized a username and password as the foundation of digital identity and security for over 50 years. 

Major breaches in the past few years have made the case for eliminating passwords from the authentication experience more compelling every day. 

Additionally, the majority of productivity analysis show that the leading indicators of downtime are caused by being locked out or requiring password-related assistance, which can lead to frustration and distraction for core business activities. Significant investments in human capital and time is spent on administering and enforcing password-related tasks.

The State of Workforce Passwordless Authentication 2021

Why NL3?

Beat your competition

Future proof your applications for tomorrow's challenges

Low barrier to entry

Utilize existing employee devices and hardware

Eliminate downtime

Empower remote workforces to focus on core business activities


Install pre built code with little to no technical debt

Priveleged Access for Passwordless MFA

Lock accounts

Remote workers

Choose when your workforce can access authentication with resources in the cloud

off hours

Restrict access to authentication protocols to key resources


Remove the risk of lateral attacks by securing unused accounts at all times.

Utilizing the newest technology

TAKE your company to the NEXT LEVEL.

Invest in next generation biometric MFA and get back to business. 

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