Cyber Policies designed to reduce and eliminate your risk.

Cyber Policies

Reduce the risk and impact of a Cyber Incident by putting in place proactive Cyber Policies designed to give you control over account access. Lock down accounts before a breach occurs. 

– Multi Approval Policies
– Alert Policies
– Compliance Policies
– Scheduled Policies

Multi Approval

Multi Approval Policies allow require biometric protected push approvals from multiple users prior to account’s being unlocked. This process ensures that you have a second person validating access to an account and prevents scenarios such as:

  • Wire Fraud
  • Customer Data Loss
  • Root Account access violations

Scheduled Access

Take control over internal access by locking access during scheduled downtimes. Prevent fatigue by ensuring that internal accounts are unavailable when not in use during normal daily cycles.

  • Contractor access
  • Remote employees
  • Temporary Access Scenarios

Alert Response

Actively respond to Incidents reducing your overall incident impact by ensuring that accounts are locked immediately when an incident is detected.



React to non compliance events proactively locking out accounts that are not in compliance with sanctions, internal policies and other compliance related activity.

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