Custom App Identity

Use our custom app identity products to create a seamless to passwordless MFA for your existing applications and start leveraging cyber security policies to secure your companies custom applications.

Develop Seamless MFA

Use Custom App Identity to deliver a seamless MFA experience for your custom applications, integrate dynamic policies to enforce biometric approvals for custom application actions and realize complete control over account access.

Integrate Push MFA

  • Create Push Approvals
  • Accept Approvals
  • Customize Push Messaging
  • Dynamic Policies

  • Create Policies dynamically
  • Execute policies immediately
  • Retrieve History
  • Complete Access Control

  • Manage MFA Devices
  • Execute policies immediately
  • Lock/Unlock accounts from any app
  • Your own UI

    The Cloud App Identity REST API enable you to design your own experience natively in your custom applications.

    Seemless MFA Using our API



    Integrate PUSH Approvals into your own Apps


    Provide Access Activity to your end users.


    FIDO2 Biometric Support i

    All the security of passwordless, all the control of policies

    Unlike other passwordless solutions which focus only on validating users one time, our patented Cloud Identity products extend your control allowing you to define company wide cyber security policies.

    Schedule Access

    Control when and where users can login to their accounts by scheduling lockout/unlock periods.

    Multi Approval

    Setup secondary approvers for privileged accounts. Leverage the Two-Man rule to secure highly sensitive accounts.


    Immediately secure accounts linked to compromised systems during a breach reducing impact.

    Secure Identity you can trust

    The Next Level3 Cloud Identity enhances your organizations security posture without complex integrations, costly deployments or expensive hardware.

    Setup Hourly Employee Controls

  • Eliminate password sharing
  • Control access to time schedules
  • Onboard/Off-boarding control
  • Prevent Ransomware

  • Eliminate breached account use
  • Stop lateral movement immediately
  • Secure Service Accounts
  • Upgrade your MFA

  • Eliminate insecure OTP Codes
  • Don't rely on insecure email solutions
  • Use your existing devices
  • Enhance your compliance

  • Obtain historical context of authentication attempts
  • SIEM Integration
  • Extend your Audit History
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